I’ve finally done it, and it feels good.

Having discussed the virtues of crowdfunding at length, and even looked at launching film project on Sponsume, I’ve finally become a backer.   I spend probably too much of my time and money on music. Talking about it, listening to it, watching it.   But, despite an early incarnation as a club promoter, I’ve never been directly involved in it.   That all changed when I spotted this:

It was principle of every good cause needs a soundtrack, and the potential of music to change things that caught my eye.  The album was the prize.  However, the experience along the way as a backer has been a pleasure.  It’s those simple things we always talk about in the charity sector.  Regular, personal updates.. Transparency (things are inevitably a bit behind schedule). Promises fulfilled. A few thank yous.  And a real, tangible sense of achievement when I finally got the first three tracks.

Whilst I respect what Occupy stands for, I wasn’t convinced that their actions to date were going to stimulate debate amongst a mass audience. But this could be a move in the right direction.  You may not agree wholeheartedly with the cause. You may not like all the tracks.  But, to paraphrase Billy Bragg at yesterday’s Apple Cart festival, the great thing about living in a democracy is tolerating the views of others.

In the great tradition of singer-songwriters and folk, this is a collection of songs that will make you think.  It includes tracks by the likes of Billy Bragg, Martha Wainwright and Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. The album artwork is by the legendary Jamie Reid. The digital version of “Folk The Banks” is out today via the website  and the CD will be available in all the usual places from Wednesday.

Go on, give it a listen.

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