The psychology of social commerce.

There’s a great article on Social Commerce Today about the psychology of social commerce that I’ve shared before, and refer to a lot.  It’s interesting stuff, but not bite sized.  A problem now solved by Tab Juice, who’ve handily summarised  it in an infographic.   I’m not entirely sure on that data – US I presume, as ever.  Can anyone shed any light on UK stats around these things?

So, here it is. The first infographic of 2012.




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Hello. I’m Charlotte Beckett. I’m Head of Digital at The Good Agency. These are just my thoughts about fundraising, campaigning, communications, engagement, advertising, that type of thing. And maybe some other types of things. I believe in integration, but not matching luggage.
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One Response to The psychology of social commerce.

  1. abarer says:

    Great stuff! Thanks!

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