Can collaboration bring about change?

On the topic of Social Media Week, I’m chuffed to be part of this year’s Advisory Board,  and even more chuffed to be cooking up some Good delights with the Agency.

This year’s global event, which is scheduled for February 13-17,  is designed to reflect the impact of social media and its role as a catalyst in driving cultural, political, economic and social change. The theme is Empowering Change through Collaboration.

Our two events will have cover fundraising and communications, focusing as we do on the Not for Profit sector.  But we won’t cover the full topic of “social for good”, and I’m keen (as the flag waver for it on the Board) for more folk to get involved.  I’ve been to some awesomely inspiring events run by the likes of NESTA,   FutureGov,  Charity Comms and many, many more.  So come on, let’s see what we can do to show how this year’s theme is already in action in charities, social enterprises and local and central government.

I’m happy to chat if  you have an idea:  or get in touch via Twitter.   There’s also a section on the Social Media Week site where you can submit ideas for events, volunteer yourself as a speaker and so on.   Let’s do some matchmaking!

About londoncharlotte

Hello. I’m Charlotte Beckett. I’m Head of Digital at The Good Agency. These are just my thoughts about fundraising, campaigning, communications, engagement, advertising, that type of thing. And maybe some other types of things. I believe in integration, but not matching luggage.
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