Santa brand guidelines

*Santa*  is a concept, not an idea. It’s an emotion, not a feeling. It’s both yesterday and today. And it’s tomorrow as well.  In the crowded market place of gift-centric solutions, how can brand *Santa* distinguish itself?  This definitive guide will show you how to live the brand.  How to meet it, greet it, eat it.  Seasons greetings to you all.  Santa Brand Book


(Thanks go to Quietroom for creating this essential document).

About londoncharlotte

Hello. I’m Charlotte Beckett. I’m Head of Digital at The Good Agency. These are just my thoughts about fundraising, campaigning, communications, engagement, advertising, that type of thing. And maybe some other types of things. I believe in integration, but not matching luggage.
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2 Responses to Santa brand guidelines

  1. Simon Grover says:

    Glad you like the brand guidelines. It was written by Quietroom, and you can see the original at There’s also an animated version on youtube, at

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